Kids Paintball


Low Impact Paintball Permission Form РFollow this link to download the Low Impact Paintball permission form

Kids Paintball has arrived! Kids Paintball is a low impact alternative to the traditional game. Kids Paintball uses a specially designed paintball marker that has been modified to make it fun and safe for players as young as 8 years old.

The players will get dressed up just like they were playing regular paintball – camouflage combat suits, ASTM approved paintball goggles, and body armour. Don’t be surprised if Mum and Dad feel the urge to join in! The excitement in the air as the players are kitted up is infectious!

Kids Paintball is  perfect for birthday parties, school excursions, holiday programs, and any time that you want a fun day out with friends.

Unlike many of our competitors, we won’t cut costs by mixing your group in with people you don’t know!


$40 per person for entry + 3 paintball magazines

All packages include:

  • Admission to the field, plus:
  • A camouflage combat suit
  • Low impact paintball gun
  • ASTM approved paintball mask
  • A full private (we won’t mix you with people you don’t know!) session of paintball action

Amunition Prices

$5 for each additional magazine

Lockers available

Birthday Invites