Servant’s 3 Man Results and Photos

31 teams competed in the Servant’s 3 Man. The open division was taken out by the aptly named Sith Lords (Kai Harris, Mark Pellegrino, and Mike Davis). Whilst they started out a little rough the experience of these three old school X-Fighter$ came to the fore in the finals in which they methodically made their way to first place.

2nd place in open was taken by Legion (Jake Trindorfer, Stewart Madison, and Matthew Friedrich) who knocked the wind out of BK’s sails in the semifinals when Matthew Friedrich eliminated all three of BK’s players in a 3 v 1 situation.

BK The Comeback Tour (Guy Manton, Matthew Rogers, David Black) played fantastic 3 man paintball all day. However, losing that crucial 3 v 1 in the semifinals relegated them to the 3rd and 4th playoffs in which they took 3rd place convincingly.


1. Sith Lords

2. Legion

3. BK The Comeback Tour

4. Vicious Circle A

5. ANV Nemesis

6. Thundercats

7. Foolish

8. Relentless

9. ACT Notorious

10. Vicious Circle B




  1. Sitting Ducks
  2. RatbagZ
  3. A Bunker Too Far
  4. Plan B
  5. Scare Tactics A
  6. Scare Tactics B
  7. Death Squad
  8. T.A.G: Pyros
  9. Urban Myth
  10. Crackerjacks
  11. Coup De Gras
  12. Horsemen of the Apocalypse




  1. Boom Town
  2. Black Jacks
  3. Chaos
  4. Dude Where’s My Bunker?
  5. TDA
  6. Cannon Fodder
  7. Extreme Prejudice
  8. All Cocked Up
  9. Dead Reckoning

OPEN Division (Photos by Bunkered! Photography)
NOVICE Division (Photos by Bunkered! Photography)

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