What We Provide

All players are equipped with Tippmann paintball markers, Ninja high pressure air tanks, and gravity fed vl200 loaders.

Tippmann produce gold standard recreational paintball markers. They’re built like tanks, can handle climatic extremes with ease, perform admirably, and are remarkably simple to operate.

We make a deliberate choice to provide only one type of marker. With only one marker type on the field every player is on equal footing. Should something unfortunate happen to the marker we provide you at the start of the day, we can put a new one into your hands immediately.

At Paintball Sports ACT we provide V-Force shield paintball masks. These masks provide a comfortable fit for a wide variety of face types and come with sun visors and fog resistant lenses.

Our policy is to ensure that every mask we send out with a customer has a lens that provides excellent optical clarity.

To this end we have our referees look after all the lens cleaning out in the field, and we screen all lenses after they are washed and dispose of any that are too scratched.

Having great vision is essential to getting the maximum out of the game. Should you find our rental masks in any way lacking our referees will do everything in their power to rectify your issues.

In addition, our pro shop stocks the very best in paintball mask technology with top level masks fitted with double paned thermal lenses starting at $100.

All players at Paintball Sports ACT are provided Auscam camouflage overalls. Our overalls are high quality and come with extremely high padded collars.

The padded collars on our overalls provide protection for the whole neck and back of the head.

We have overalls to fit people of every shape and size and have never had a customer for whom we did not have overalls that fit!

The quality of the paint that you shoot can make or break your day. Many fields around Australia purchase their paint with only one consideration in mind: price.

At Paintball Sports ACT we do not adhere to this philosophy. We have carefully sourced our paintballs with climatic conditions in mind and have chosen a ball that is firm enough to make it out of the barrel in one piece and brittle enough to consistently break on target. The fill is always vibrantly coloured and thick. You won’t find any colourless, pasty or watery fills at our field.

We offer to our field customers the kind of ball that tournament players around the country choose to shoot!

And the best part – the price. Having read the above you might expect us to be charging more than most for our paint. This is however incorrect. Much to our competitor’s chagrin we offer the cheapest recreational paintball prices in the country!

When you are shopping around for your next paintball experience make sure you inquire as to how much extra paintballs cost. Some fields in the region don’t advertise this cost and it can be quite surprising!

We provide more referees per group than any other paintball field. Many fields provide less referees to lower costs. At Paintball Sports ACT we provide more referees to make sure that your day runs smoothly and safely. With more hands on deck we can ensure that rules are followed, and that you are looked after should things go wrong.

Our referees give clear explanations of the rules and game objectives. They look after all the cleaning for you and they make sure that your equipment is always performing up to par. Our referees are there to fix your gear and reload you whenever necessary – even during the heat of battle!

We offer the best paintball facilities in the ACT. We have a large building, and a large outdoor staging area. We offer lockers for valuables, and tea and coffee free of charge. We have tables and seating for over a hundred people, and have barbecues for hire. We have icy cold beverages and chocolate bars at reasonable prices – unlike many other fields we don’t overcharge for these ancillary items!